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Since we have Family in New Zealand we made the decision to emigrate from South Africa to New Zealand.

We had no idea where to start so we contacted the family in New Zealand and asked who could help, we were then introduced to Gail who had successfully assisted their move to New Zealand.We contacted several other Advisors, sourced from the internet, as well as Gail in order to spread our risk.

Gail gave us a complete run down on the possibilities, the pitfalls, and the best application sector to apply for Residence, easily the most comprehensive response.

It seemed a massive task, yet Gail broke down the detail into understandable bits of information and we went for it.

The forms required were somewhat formidable, but we were steered through the process by Gail who explained each step whenever we were a little confused as to the actual requirement.

It might have taken a while, Gail had pre-warned us regarding the length of time involved, and she continually kept us briefed as to the state of the application and where we could track it ourselves on the internet.

Simply put, it was successful, first time, no queries, no problems.

Goes to prove, stay with experts, especially so when the charges are more reasonable than other advisors.

Avi and Marion Modlin

Immigrating itself is the most stressful thing one could ever do. Then there's trying to understand the piles and piles of immigration documents and what their requirements are. I did try reading up for myself initially but it just got so confusing and daunting.

Thankfully I was put in touch with a consultancy specialising in helping immigrants understand what's required. They explained what the options available to me were as I didn't have at that time the specialised qualifications or job that NZ was looking for. But I had other options available to me which I would never have known about if I hadn't of met with the consultants.

So I made the decision before leaving South Africa to ensure I retain the immigration consultant. As this was one journey I definitely wanted professional support with.

They ended up not only explaining the process I was heading for with immigration but also explained what to expect in the first few months of living here and emotions I would go through. So they minimized any unnecessary surprises which would have added to the stress I was already dealing with in just moving over to New Zealand.

So I filled in all my documents, got the Passport photos and did all my medicals twice for both my work permit and then eventually for my residency. This was to be quite honestly the easy part of the whole process. The best part was once I completed the required documents and sent them off to Gail I really didn't have to worry about them again.

It takes a lot of the stress off of the whole move. And if you can unload some stress why not! Some things are just better being left up to the professionals. I will be following the process through and when citizenship rolls round I will be getting Gail to assist in completing the process.

Dionne Yates

In 2009, myself and my wife immigrated to New Zealand. We engaged with an agency

because of our age and fear for the unknown. We had one chance at it and could not go

back to SA, seeing that we sold and gave up everything, and there would be nothing to

go back to.

Gail told us about all the documentation we needed to bring with us. This was spot on

because trying to obtain missing documentation from SA is a nightmare and takes up a

lot of time.

When I received a job offer, in NZ, Gail immediately engaged with my future employer

and explained the process to them. Two weeks later my work visa was approved and I

could start work. She then immediately lodged our EOI, which was drawn the next day,

and the process of residency started. This all happened in a short time period, which

meant that we did not have to do medicals for a second time, as everything was done

and lodged within the three months that the medicals are valid for.

Gail kept us informed all the time as how the process was taking place and we were not

left in the dark at any stage. That is exactly what we paid for and we are very grateful

as there are some horrific cases out there were people are being declined or sent back.

Our residency was approved in three months after Gail lodged our application. This

was also complicated, seeing that our residency application was handled through INZ's

London branch and the time difference. All is well that ends well and we thank Gail for

her professionalism.

A year after we got residency, our son, decided to join us in NZ, after receiving a job

offer. I decided to do his work visa and residency by myself, to save him some money.

I phoned Gail for some advice on some technical points and she provided me with the

best advice and asked nothing in return for her advice. I was confident with her advice,

seeing that she is a licensed immigration advisor and agent. Our son is now a resident of

NZ as well.

I will always recommend Gail to anyone that needs an agency to assist them with

immigration. She is professional, up to date, and realizes what an immigrant goes

through emotionally and financially. She is always friendly and will take the extra time to

explain the processes in detail and you can take her word for everything that she says.

Johann & Sandra Engelbrecht

Deciding to make the move to New Zealand from South Africa with my daughter was scary indeed. There were so many documents to collect, so many time limits to meet, so many things I did not understand and it all just seemed too much for me to cope with. I knew that we needed to make the move for various reasons, but I just did not know how I was going to pull it all together.

Fortunately I was put in touch with Gail Thibaud who managed it all for me. She guided me through each step along the way, advising me and reassuring me. Not only did she sort out the whole immigration process but she helped me in learning things about New Zealand and the Kiwi culture. I had thought that moving to a country where my mother tongue was spoken, things would be a breeze, but how wrong I was! So many phrases that differed, a health system I could not get my head around ... the list goes on and on. Gail's kind, friendly and reassuring manner eased me through it all.

With Gail's help I had my work visa sorted, soon got residency and my multiple entry visas and I am now in the process of applying for citizenship. Although I still miss friend and family and the "beat" of Africa, my daughter and I have both blossomed in New Zealand and I know that I owe so much to Gail. She is truly a gem!

Jane Kay

In 2008, we acquired the services of an immigration company to assist us in our immigration to New Zealand. We were advised to enter under the category of skilled migrants. From the first process of expressions of interest right through to being confirmed residency was almost effortless and stress free. Gail who was our immigration consultant was so efficient and so committed to helping us attain our residency. She showed personal attention and care in her dealings with us and this assisted greatly, as anyone might tell you immigrating to another country is an emotional and trying time for any family. Her support and confidence that all was going to be okay, certainly helped us through. Gail was always professional and timely in her follow-up and feedback to us. It took less than a year before starting our application for residency and eventually being confirmed. I would most definitely recommend the services of SolutionNZ immigration services to anyone considering immigrating to New Zealand and wanting assurance as far their application is concerned.

Kantha Bacharam

I requested the help of Gail to complete my work visa and residency application upon arriving in New Zealand in January 2012.

I had recently travelled to New Zealand from the UK on a Working Holiday Visa and decided Auckland was the place I wanted to stay, on recommendation from family friends I contacted Gail, who carried out an initial assessment, prepared the necessary paperwork and sourced vital documentation abroad, all of which was carried out promptly and submitted to immigration timelessly, resulting in the speedy approval of my work and residency permits.

Gail offered an expert and professional service, making herself readily available for any queries. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking professional, accurate, international immigration services.

Lauren McRailt

Gail Thibaud helped us with the entire immigration process, from before we submitted our EOI (Expression of Interest). We approached a couple of agencies to assist us with our immigration application, but Gail was very knowledgeable and had a lot of experience. She assisted us with the completion of our EOI, the various and relevant supporting documentation, and knew the application process end to end. The services Gail provided were swift and professional, and we never had a recall or query on any submission. Gail always prepared us for what we could expect, and ensured we followed process. She was patient and always understood what had to be done. 

 It is not always easy dealing with somebody on the other side of the planet, especially if it has to do with personal matters and information that you need to submit in your EOI. Gail made it very easy for us by always being approachable and efficient. She knew what immigration NZ wanted from our application, and always prepared us upfront. She never kept us in suspense, and was always professional and direct in her communication.

 By working directly with Gail, we had access to somebody in NZ who could interact and communicate with the immigration authorities on a personal basis. It became clear that Gail has performed a lot of communication with immigration, in person, email and on the phone. We would never have had that convenience completing an application half the world away.

 Gail never lost interest in our application; she sustained momentum until we eventually received our Residency. Gail ensured we obtained the correct visas and permanent residence, and provided us with a lot of advice and guidance regarding New Zealand. If ever we had to do it again, we would most definitely make use of the professional services that Gail provides.

Hein Beukes



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