At SolutioNZ Immigration Limited we are passionate about helping our clients obtain residence of New Zealand. We specialise in obtaining residence for our clients and helping them and their families begin their new life in this beautiful country. New Zealand is always looking for migrants to add value to every aspect of the country.

As a potential migrant to New Zealand there are varied pathways to securing residence. Below is a brief description of the main categories:

  • Skilled Migrant
  • New Zealand has an ongoing need for skilled migrants and New Zealand firms often actively recruit overseas talent. At SolutioNZ Immigration Limited we love New Zealand and our goal is to promote it through attracting skilled migrants. This is the most common category for migrants to obtain residence.

  • Business Categories
    New Zealand is actively looking for migrants to contribute to its economic growth, increase its human capital levels, its enterprise and innovation and fostering of external links. As a country New Zealand has one of the highest rates of small business ownership and is always looking for overseas investors.
    At SolutioNZ Immigration Limited we have a chartered accountant with over 30 years of valuable experience to provide you with any financial advice that you may require to aid you with your application.

  • Family Categories
  • In New Zealand, family or whanau (Maori), is a large part of society. As such the Family Category is there to aid and strengthen families and communities, as well as social development. If you have close family in New Zealand you may be eligible to apply for residence under this Category.


New Zealand is actively looking for skilled migrants to live and work here to make a positive difference towards the country.


Do you meet
the requirements?

Are you young, qualified, with relevant work experience and keen to make a change in your life?



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